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The release of "Counting Stars" has been met with backlash after fans have criticised the mixing on the track.

Counting Stars (feat. Beenzino) - BE'O

After BE'O's sixty second rap during round one of Show Me the Money 10 went viral, a longer version was much anticipated by fans. As the original clip hit 10 million views, a full length song featuring Beenzino was released. However, some fans have been unhappy with the mixing of the track.

A mixing engineer is responsible for combining and balancing the separate components of a track - such as the vocals and all the different elements of the backing - so that it sounds pleasing to a commercial audience. Originally GRAY, who worked with BE'O throughout SMTM10 as a mentor, was the only credited mixing engineer. This led to some online backlash with several Korean YouTube commenters stating that the Auto-Tune on BE'O's voice was too strong and that it didn't mesh with the beat well.

Since then, it seems that the credits have been updated and are now attributed both to GRAY of AOMG and Sang-hoon Lee of Stardust Mix Lab. Furthermore, MINO, who worked alongside GRAY when mentoring BE'O on SMTM10, was asked about the official release of the song. He stated that since the song became known in its live performance form, the mixing was kept rough on the studio version so that it would emanate the same feeling.

At present, there has been no official statement in response to netizens' comments.

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