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Rapper NO:EL goes public about producer Goosebumps punching him in the face at a party’s waiting room.


On March 17th, NO:EL posted a series of Instagram stories claiming that Goosebumps attacked him and punched him in the face. He goes on to say that Goosebumps has not contacted him, expecting NO:EL not to talk about the situation. The rapper also mentions that the incident was filmed on CCTV cameras, threatening to see Goosebumps at a police station. NO:EL states:

“Did you think I’m an idiot to get hit by you and shut up about it? I held it in because my life is on a different level from yours. Do you want me to hit you on your (bare) head while you’re sick? (...) get your act together and don’t be so scared to pick up my phone call. @goosebumpstrack. you motherf**ker look at my face”

In the final story, NO:EL shared a post in which Goosebumps announced his departure from AOMG, mocking of him:

“f*ck who would be sad because you’re leaving? Know your place. You got tattoos on your face and now you’re a son of a b*tch who can’t act his age”

Days later, Goosebumps posted an apology in an Instagram post. He explained that the incident happened at a party he was hosting. Before going to play music, Goosebumps left his belongings in the waiting room, in a specific place. When he returned to the waiting room, NO:EL was sitting in the spot where his belongings were originally placed. He did not realize that his bag was moved and because he could not contain his anger, the producer punched NO:EL with no explanation. In the post, he apologized multiple times and confirmed that NO:EL did nothing wrong. 

Following that, NO:EL reposted the apology on his Instagram stories, stating that the argument was resolved peacefully, and both artists agreed to not bring this situation up again. NO:EL included a screenshot of their texts to confirm this. See the translation here:


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