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Wheein did not renew her contract with RBW last June and has said she is ready to move to a new environment.


Despite not renewing her contract, Wheein has agreed to continue with MAMAMOO's activities - including albums, concerts, and promotions - until December 2023.

According to Hankyung Entertainment, Wheein is in the final stages of signing to H1GHR Music. Although Wheein has denied rumours of joining the agency on Fancafe, and has said she is still deciding her next move amongst various offers, the situation seems similar to JAY B's signing to H1GHR.

Wheein has been noted particularly for her R&B vocals, and as H1GHR Music is a hip-hop label she would have much opportunity to grow as an artist. She has also collaborated previously with H1GHR Music's Sik-K, who featured on her track "EASY", as well as H1GHR Music's pH-1, who featured on "TRASH".

We look forward to seeing the outcome of these rumours.

Instagram / Wheein @whee_inthemood

Instagram / H1GHR Music @h1ghrmusic

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