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Rapper NO:EL has been on trial for breaking his probation period of two years - the initial incident in 2019 was for driving under the influence and hitting a motorcycle, and he violated his parole by being involved in another incident.

NO:EL (real name Yong-jun Jang) violated his parole twice: in February 2021 he swore and assaulted people in public in Busan, and in September 2021 he was involved in another driving incident. He has now been sentenced to one year in prison for driving without a licence, refusing to take a breathalyser test, obstructing the execution of the Road Traffic Act, and assaulting police.

Despite this, NO:EL's defence team have appealed on the grounds of unfair sentencing - in essence saying it was too harsh. This appeal was submitted on the 14th of April by the defence, and on the 15th the prosecution also submitted an appeal on the grounds of unfair sentencing, however, this was due to their belief that it was unduly lenient as they were originally looking to for a sentence of three years. The lesser sentence was due to the fact that the police officer was not badly injured and did not require medical treatment. NO:EL was also remorseful and apologised to the officer.

It remains to be seen if NO:EL's appeal will be successful.

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