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The iconic rap competition show will be returning with even higher stakes.

The first episode on the tenth season is set to air at 11pm KST on October 1st.

The return of the TV show is much anticipated - at the end of July, the line up of producer duos was revealed. The teams are: GRAY x MINO, Zion.T x Slom, YUMDDA x TOIL, and Gaeko x CODE KUNST. With both new and returning producers, there will hopefully be a new sound to the show. Many popular songs have come from the show; season nine saw "VVS" by Mirani, Munchman, Khundi Panda, MUSHVENOM and JUSTHIS take first place on the charts, overtaking "Dynamite" by BTS. Other tops songs from the show include "Red Sun" by Hangzoo, "Day Day" by BewhY, and "Fear" by MINO.

Many of the winners have become big names in the Korean hip-hop industry. Loco of AOMG won season one, BewhY of Dejavu Group won season five, and punchnello of AOMG won season eight. For this reason, the number of applicants has been gradually been increasing per season.

We look forward to seeing what this season may have in store.

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