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10 Artists to Watch on SMTM10

As Show Me The Money 10 gets underway, with the producers and contestants consolidating their teams, it’s time to spotlight 10 competitors we have seen so far, and find out more about them. This contains spoilers!


[1] A-Chess

Even before debuting under the label Firstclass in 2015, A-Chess had made an appearance on Show Me the Money 3. Now, in 2021, performing in his fifth season, A-Chess came armed with several singles and a studio album. Though he was progressing well in the competition, the fourth round saw his downfall - his 1 vs 1 performance against Jo Gwang-il garnered over 1 million views on YouTube, but didn’t manage to secure him a place in round 5. However, viewers of the rap battle deemed it ‘legendary’, acknowledging the tough competition during this season. This shows that A-Chess’ rap talent surely hasn’t gone unnoticed, which we hope contributes to his success in the future.

[2] Anandelight

As a Christian rapper, Anandelight stood out among contestants even before he began his audition, with judges and competitors wondering how he would take insults if he were able to get to the diss track round. However, he exuded confidence and seemed comfortable on the stage, showcasing a variety of styles in his opening performance, which led to him getting an all pass. This confidence likely stemmed from his experience as a performer, having signed with Jubal Company in 2019, and since releasing 6 of his own singles as a lead artist, and a studio album, alongside various collaborations with other artists, too. Despite his recent elimination, his performances in ‘BREATHE’ and 'High' show him as a musician to keep an eye on.

[3] BE'O

After uploading to SoundCloud for several years, BE’O officially debuted with the single ‘Monster’ under FameUs Entertainment in 2020. His previous appearances on the scene had been limited but had gained him some recognition, as his verse during the first episode of High School Rapper 3 has almost 3 million views on YouTube. BE’O’s first Show Me The Money performance was no less legendary; he used the 60 second round to win over not only the judges but also innumerous online fans. His stages have repeatedly gained millions of views, and his catchy phrase of “counting stars” has led to hour-long loops online. The rapper’s combination of melodic rap with skill and enunciation, and the guidance of producers GRAY and MINO, has helped him progress through to the semi-final.

[4] Blase

Featuring on Show Me the Money 8, 9, and 10 has certainly kept Blase in the limelight on TV. Since being a solo artist in 2018, he has had quite the hip hop career, which definitely translated into the judges’ anticipation of his audition. Unfortunately, though, this strong initial performance didn’t continue into the third round, as he faced elimination. However, with several singles, mixtapes, and extended plays to his name, as well as songs featuring renowned artists such as pH-1, Khundi Panda, Sik-K, and Coogie, it is likely that Blase will continue to do well even after his time on this season.

[5] Gwangil Jo

With his latest performance racking up over 2 millions on YouTube in just 2 days, it is clear to see how Gwangil Jo has progressed so far in the competition. He may only have been on the scene for 2 years, but his spitfire rap and versatile flow - showcased in his semi-final performance - shows he has exceptional talent, and deserves a place in the final. Since starting his career in 2019, Gwangil Jo has curated quite the repertoire with several singles, collaborations, and albums in his portfolio. He has also signed to the same agency as fellow contestant Yonge Jaundice (Dippin’ Carls Records), providing him with a strong foundation in his career. As well as this, it is unquestionable that his time being mentored on team CoKo has helped him grow as a rapper and enabled him to thrive on Show Me the Money 10, while showcasing his talent to the world.

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[6] JP

While he may not have appeared on any rap shows before, JP has been releasing music on SoundCloud for around three years. Though he may have been eliminated in round four, his talent should not go overlooked. As a seasoned producer, he has made beats and also featured on songs with other artists such as sokodomo, PULLIK, and Untell. Having developed a unique sound that mixes distorted synth and bass, JP has been cementing his place as a pioneer in the noise music genre.

[7] Mudd the Student

Despite having less songs to his name than other contestants, Mudd the Student is undoubtedly one to watch. With his unique, often experimental style, he stands out from the crowd - something that can also be seen in his performance of ‘BREATHE’, on team GrayNoma, and during his third round performance which left the judges speechless and amassed over 2 million views on YouTube. Since debuting with Balming Tiger in 2018, and then as a solo artist in 2019, Mudd’s success proves he is a refreshing addition to the hip-hop community: something reflected in how far he progressed in his first ever competition show.


Since making her first appearance in Show Me the Money 9, and reappearing for this season, SINCE is proving to have quite the successful rap career. Though she only debuted fairly recently - in 2020 - she has, to date, already released 7 singles, and a studio album. This is something highly commendable considering she debuted independently, though she has been featuring on songs since 2018. Though she hasn’t received the spotlight in the same way that some other contestants have, SINCE’s strong performances during ‘Wake Up’ and 'FACE TIME' on team CoKo gives reason to her progressing this far in the competition; we strongly hope this continues, being that she is the only female rapper at this stage of the competition.

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Despite only officially debuting in the latter half of 2021, and with no previous television appearances, XINSAYNE showcased a charismatic and skilful 60 second rap performance which gained him an all pass. Though he may not necessarily have had much experience in the music scene, he showcased his potential through his diverse rap flow and confident stage presence. XINSAYNE was eliminated in round three but it is clear that he still has much room to grow; with his catalogue of songs currently only consisting of a double EP, a single, an EP, and a few features, he is only just beginning to make his mark on the industry.

[10] Yonge Jaundice

Having debuted independently, signed to Dippin’ Carls Records, and released various singles, EPs, albums and mixtapes (all in just over two years), it is fair to say Yonge Jaundice entered the scene with a bang. Maintaining his relentless worth ethic, he recently posted the live clip of his single ‘Easty’, which he used to the 60 second round during Show Me the Money. Though he was unable to progress to round four, this clearly showed his dedication to his rap career - something we will see more of after the upcoming release of a cypher featuring Yonge Jaundice and several other eliminated contestants.


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