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It is a season full of change for Ash Island - the artist launches his own music label “Midnight Records.”

On July 8th, the rapper Ash Island announced via Instagram that he is opening a new label “Midnight Records.” He revealed the company’s official account and promised:

“Moving forward, we will be coming to you with better music and different perspectives”

Alongside the news regarding the new business, Ash Island shared that he will be releasing new music this month. The upcoming single, titled “OST”, is set to come out on July 12th and it features his partner Chanmina. The artist hopes for his fans’ support and asks to look forward to his upcoming music activities. 

This announcement did not come as a surprise to many netizens, as Ash Island, just a day prior, had revealed his departure from Ambition Musik, the record label he has been working with for almost six years. During his time with the company, he released three studio albums, more than ten singles, and many collaborations with artists such as The Quiett, Changmo, Leellamarz, GroovyRoom and others. 

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