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After a successful year last year, BE'O has now joined the new agency which has signed an MOU with Swing Entertainment to have him signed at the same time as BPM expands their business.


A tweet from BPM Entertainment revealed that the artist would be signing after they had previously teased that they would have someone new joining. BE'O has not left his current label, FameUs Entertainment (founded by San E), but has signed to BPM and Swing Entertainment to take charge of co-production and the overall management of his activities.

BE'O debuted under FameUs Entertainment in 2020, however, prior to this, he had appeared as a contestant on High School Rapper 3 in 2019. He rose to fame after making a big impression on Show Me the Money 10 - his performance of 'Counting Stars' during the 60 second audition round currently has over 12 million views on YouTube. Furthermore, his song 'Limousine' featuring MINO, which he performed during the first live performances round, reached an all-kill on the charts.

BPM (Big Planet Made) Entertainment was founded in July 2021 by Jae-ho Choi. It is currently home to several soloists such as Soyou, Samuel, and Lee Mujin, as well as the group VIVIZ which consists of former members of the K-pop girl group GFRIEND.

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