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After several allegations and convictions for drug use, Bully Da Ba$tard is sentenced to ten years of imprisonment. In a recent court sitting, the rapper asked for leniency with an appeal.


Rapper Bully Da Ba$tard

Bully Da Ba$tard, born as Yoo Byung-ho, is a South Korean rapper known for being a contestor of television shows “High School Rapper” and “Show Me The Money”. Bully Da Ba$tard started his music career in 2018 with an EP “Bipolar In Ma Neck”, under the music label Fame Records. Yoo Byung-ho was part of the Dickids, the South Korean Hip-Hop team, alongside rappers Luda, Young B, and Bryn. He did, however, run into attitude issues while being in the crew, due to his apparent arrogance. Around 2021, the rapper started a record label called “F.T.W Independent Records”. Songs “Alone”, “LOOK - Bonus Track”, and “RAIN (feat. Deepflow) are his most played tracks on Spotify.

The rapper’s background includes previous instances of drug-related arrests and punishments. It was determined that he had taken fentanyl, which is a narcotic gaining popularity in foreign countries including the United States and Mexico, in addition to cannabis and methamphetamine. Yoo Byung-ho was given a four-year prison term last year at the first trial for injecting methamphetamine and using cannabis in his residence in Incheon. A two and a half years in prison verdict followed for obtaining fentanyl and pursued purchases of methamphetamine. The rapper was also filed with charges for using several kinds of drugs while being on trial.

Yoo Byung-ho received charges under “the violation of the Narcotics Control Act.”¹. In the recent court proceeding, he raised an appeal against some of the allegations, even though he admitted to charges in the first trial. The rapper stated that he was advised to admit to the crime by his lawyer, not expecting it to affect the final sentence. This time around, he “wanted to appeal and tell the truth.” At the end of his defence, Bully Da Ba$tard stated: “I regret taking drugs, even during the investigations and failed to realise that I cannot stop taking drugs with the simple intention to (at my own will)”.² Later, he added: “If the court gives me one more chance, I will receive rehabilitative treatment in hospital.”³

Merging their sentencing request with the verdict from the previous trial, the prosecution advised the court to convict Bully Da Ba$tard to 10 years in prison.

Bully Da Ba$tard has already acknowledged his difficulties with drugs on 20th May, 2020. He shared details of his drug use issues and efforts at rehabilitation on his Instagram account. In the post, the rapper states: “I don’t intend on hiding behind a mental illness and avoid taking responsibility.” Ufortunately, years later, he is evidently still dealing with drug problems.

A verdict on appeal will be made on 29th July.

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