Earlier this week, Just Music, also known as Linchpin Music, announced that C Jamm will be leaving the label after spending 8 years with the company. The Instagram post also revealed the release date of C Jamm’s new EP album titled '걘' (translates to ‘he is’) which will be released on the 3rd of March.

Just Music expressed their sincerity by urging the public to continue supporting the artist in the future, as they will be doing the same. Swings, the founder of Just Music and Indigo Music, took to Instagram extending well wishes and praise to C Jamm and also highlighted the fact that the artist devoted his 20s to the label.

On the 28th of February, the producer of C Jamm’s award-winning EP album ‘KEUNG’ teased the new EP on his Instagram by posting a meme telling fans to pay attention to Just Music in the coming days.

C Jamm posing for a photo
C Jamm / Source: Instagram

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