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[1] Cover art for CHANGMO [2] Cover art for The Boyboy West Coast

On Friday, CHANGMO took to Instagram to call out Californian rapper The Boy Boy West Coast for plagiarising his album cover’s artwork. CHANGMO’s album ‘UNDERGROUND ROCKSTAR’ (released on November 11th 2021) has a red album cover, with CHANGMO squatting in front of a car, and roses falling around him. This artwork has been blatantly plagiarised by The Boy Boy West Coast, whose cover art for his single ‘Whatever You Want’, released on November 19th 2021, features a replica image of CHANGMO’s art, with additional writing of the title of the single and the artist’s name on the floor.

CHANGMO screenshotted the artwork to call it out, with the caption "He stole my art wtf / I can’t help but laugh". The Boy Boy West Coast’s original Instagram post promoting the single was also reposted by a shocked Rowdee - the original creator of the artwork - who has also made album covers for the likes of Don Mills, Uneducated Kid, and Rohann.

After a post was made about the issue on Hiphopplaya, The Boy Boy West Coast showed no remorse, simply commenting “go bump my new single”. This perhaps shows his blasé attitude towards the plagiarism, prompting backlash from many of those who support the Korean hip-hop community.

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