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Following the news of Simon Dominic leaving the agency earlier on this week, Code Kunst officially parts with the agency.

Code Kunst
Code Kunst

On April 26, AOMG released a statement that after 6 years with the agency, Code Kunst would be departing from the company following the rapper’s exclusive contract coming to an end.

AOMG’s statement reads:

"Hello, this is AOMG.

We would like to inform you that the exclusive contract between AOMG and CODE KUNST has ended.

We extend our gratitude to him for his remarkable achievements across various fields from 2018 until now. AOMG will continue to sincerely support CODE KUNST’s endeavors and growth in the future.

We sincerely thank you for your generous support and love over the years, and we ask for your continued affection and interest in CODE KUNST’s future ventures and activities.

Thank you."

Code Kunst joined AOMG back in 2018, where he appeared on Show Me the Money 777 as the agency’s representative judge. He later appeared on a variety of programmes such as Signhere, High School Rapper 3, and MBC’s I Live Alone, where he continued to gain attention from K-Hip Hop fans and the Korean public.

Whilst under AOMG, the rapper released two full-length albums: PEOPLE in 2020, and his collaborative 17-track album Remember Archive in 2023, which featured 24 artists. 

With the news of former-CEO DJ Pumkin and artists Simon Dominic, Gray, Woo Wonjae, Goosebumps, Lee Hi, and now Code Kunst all ending their contracts with the agency, many people are left to wonder: what is the future of AOMG?

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