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Coogie Ushers In A New Era With ‘RE:UP’


Signing to AOMG and releasing a double single with juxtaposing vibes, Coogie is setting the stage for a new era in his career.

Image: RE:UP / Source: AOMG
Image: RE:UP / Source: AOMG

As his popularity increased with his 2018 debut on MNET’s Show Me The Money 777, the Daejeon born rapper developed a penchant for enhancing his discography. Rather than being complacent with SMTM fame, Coogie monopolised upon the publicity and began steadily releasing new music, resulting in several notable collaborations and records.

Friend to CODE KUNST, Jay Park, Simon Dominic, and Woo Won-jae, it was a logical - and somewhat predictable - step in Coogie’s career to sign with AOMG. The past few years have seen Coogie work alongside many of his new labelmates; from Jay Park for ‘Justin Beiber’ and Woo for ‘!!!Lips!!!’ on his 2018 album ‘EMO#1’, to his more recent 2020 album ‘UP’ in which Simon Dominic featured on ‘Set Go!’.

Coogie could have joined AOMG quietly, without the fanfare, but instead he chose to drop the double single ‘RE:UP’ the day his signing was revealed. Trap beats and addictive hooks are a common occurrence throughout the rapper's discography, and ‘RE:UP’ is no different.

Check out the double single here:

‘Good Night’ is a fresh perspective from Coogie with mainstream appeal thanks to the subdued beats and trademark “GRAY” opening. Featuring rapper of the moment BE’O, the song takes a Hip-Hop approach towards a "failing relationship" and personal growth; both rappers’ "have no time to love" as they have "문제들이 풀리지 않아 (too many unsolved problems)"*. Edging towards an R&B/Pop vibe, ‘Good Night’ feels predictable and safe with its melodic hook and rapping. In the past Coogie has produced similar songs like ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘Right away’, however they felt experimental and refreshing.

Coogie’s brief flirtation with mainstream sounds ends with the short but impactful second track, ‘Beat ‘em up’. Fans of the rapper may find the song reminiscent of previous works such as, ‘Catch Up’ and ‘Hold Up’. A low frequency ostinato (a repeated musical phrase or rhythm), accompanies the murmured phrase “Beat ‘em up” inducing a pre-/post-fight mantra when opening and closing the song. Rapping for a minute straight, Coogie attacks the listener metaphorically through his lyrics, rap structure, and by playing with the beat - adding moments of silence and panning a staccato (a short and snappy sound) synthesizer. He does this so well that once the minute ends, you wish for another verse. While that is not possible, by hitting the repeat button you are thrown right back into the fight.

Although the double single is in keeping with Coogie’s previous releases, sonically, ‘Good Night’ appeals to Hip-Hop fledglings whereas ‘Beat ‘em up’ appeases long-time fans. By including ‘Beat ‘em up’ in the release, it allows him to flaunt his rap capabilities on a more familiar sounding “Coogie-esque” beat.

Rating: 6/10

- Catherine Parker

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