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Both P NATION and SM Entertainment recently confirmed the news.

Having previously worked together on their May 2020 release "Mayday", it is reported that Crush and Joy stayed in contact and are now dating. The duo worked together during promotions for the single, with Joy appearing on Crush's YouTube channel in a live video for a countdown to the comeback.

Crush, who is an R&B singer known for his first full-length album "Crush on You" from 2014, has become a popular artist on the hip-hop scene. His dingo freestyle Killing Verse episode (which currently has over three million views on YouTube) proves his versatility as he showcases his ability in the ballad, rap, and R&B genres. Furthermore, he is also known for his OST singles for dramas such as Guardian, Crash Landing on You, and It's Okay, That's Love.

Also in 2014, Joy debuted with girl-group Red Velvet who were the 5th most streamed K-pop artist on Spotify in February of 2020 (as according to Time and Billboard). They are known for their songs "Red Flavour", "Peek-a-Boo", "Psycho", but also have many more popular songs. In May 2021, Joy also released her first EP as a soloist titled "Hello" which charted at number 4 on Gaon. More recently, Red Velvet had a comeback with their sixth mini album, "Queendom".

Crush is currently completing his mandatory military service, while Joy is set to play her third leading role in the upcoming JTBC drama "Only One Person".

We wish them all the best!

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