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Dabin Drops Lawsuit Against DPR Corporations and Scott Kim

In a surprising turn of events, DPR Live (aka Hong Dabin) has withdrawn the lawsuit against his former agency, Dream Perfect Regime (DPR), former CEO Kim Scott Yoonho, and Regime International Co., Ltd. The lawsuit, which was initially filed over allegations of unfair profit distribution and unpaid settlement payments, has been a significant point of contention within the Korean Hip-Hop industry.

In January of this year, Hong Dabin filed a lawsuit at the Seoul Central District Court against Dream Perfect Regime, its former CEO Kim Scott Yoonho, and Regime International. The lawsuit included a number of complaints such as; unfair profit distribution, non-payment of settlement funds, and non-payment of world tour appearance fees.

The court had scheduled a mediation session for the 28th of June 2024 to facilitate an agreement between the involved parties. Yet, in a surprising decision, Dabin submitted a withdrawal letter to the court only a day prior to the meeting, leading to the termination of all lawsuits.

"We and the artist take this case seriously and are proceeding with this legal action to protect the rights of their artists. We are eager for the actual truth to be revealed through the lawsuit, and we will work hard to prevent similar cases from happening again in the future," stated Dabin when the lawsuit was initially filed.

Following the initiation of the lawsuit, Regime International elaborated on the profit distribution process, emphasizing, "The company's profit share is less than half of the artist's profit share. The process of distributing the settlement money that Scott Yoon-ho received from Regime with the other members was strictly based on private discussions among the members, and Regime was neither aware of nor involved in this process."

The lawsuit and its related controversies sparked widespread discussions in the Korean Hip-Hop community, especially during the initial announcement of the lawsuit and the release of Dabin’s album “Giggles,” his first work independently from DPR. In the album, he alludes to the issues that were also subject to this lawsuit. While the reasons behind the sudden withdrawal remain unclear, the resolution of this legal battle brings some closure to a contentious issue in the Hip-Hop scene.


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