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A missing person’s posters of DEAN were spotted around Seoul. Can the fans expect a return?

Posters in Seoul

Recently, fans have noticed posters with a picture of DEAN in Itaewon, Sangsu, Bangbae and Apgujeong Rodeo that question “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?”. The posters encourage people to call a number provided if they locate the artist. A recording of music plays on, when you call the phone number.

The poster also includes a handle for an Instagram account. At the moment, the account does not have any posts but it is slowly gaining attention with more than ten thousand followers. People from DEAN’S team, such as stylist Dohee Kim and music director Taeyong, now follow the account.

Speculations about DEAN’S comeback began after Dohee Kim posted three pictures on his Instagram story last month. The first image displayed a folder titled “DEAN”. Another uploaded picture included text “DEAN ALBUM COVER”. The third photo is of the music director and DEAN, making the assumption due to his distinctive hat. The return expectations also increased when the artist’s profile pictures were changed on Spotify and Melon Music.

DEAN’S first and only studio album was released seven year ago in 2016. His last solo work was published in 2019 for the song “Howlin’404” and in 2020, DEAN featured in a track “ 숨 “, English translation “Breath”, with Rad Museum and Mokyo. Since then, the artist has not been present in the music scene.

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