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During an Instagram live, DPR LIVE announced that he will now promote his music under his birth name Dabin and how new music will be released under his new agency CTYL.


Big news were hinted a month ago when during a live performance at the RAPBEAT Festival in Seoul, DPR LIVE then, now Dabin mentioned that he will be announcing something soon. He also hinted that, that performance would be the last one for a while.

On October 9th, in an Instagram live, Dabin shared the news that moving forward, he’ll be releasing his music under Dabin and not DPR LIVE until further notice. The artist explained that while making music, he had to be conscious about the songs he chose to put out, he was constantly trying to contribute to the DPR universe. Due to this, Dabin found himself with many songs left on the side which he could not release. As a maturing creative, he wanted to explore different themes and express new kinds of emotions through his music.

While asking for the fan’s support and trust, the musician stated:

“I’m contradicting my name. I’m here to smile. I’m here to live. I’m here to be happy. And I don't know why, for the longest time, I was sacrificing that”

Going forward, Dabin will be promoting with his own company CTYL. He expressed how excited he is to build his own brand and share his journey. Dabin’s family and friends, even people from his elementary school, will be part of the label. As he explained, these are the people who helped him take this next step in his life.

A brand new album is in the making and the artist promised that it will express his story as Hong Dabin, as an artist with many perspectives on life. His fans will be able to experience some of the reasons why he has been down mentally and why the change had to be made. With his new music, Dabin aims to focus on transparency and honesty.

Also, the artist introduced new Instagram accounts for himself and the company. Dabin encouraged fans to follow him there if they are interested to see his upcoming journey. All the news, particularly about his new music releases, will be shared on the new Instagram accounts.

The DPR crew has been supportive throughout the process of Dabin wanting change. He pointed out that members of DPR, especially IAN and CREAM, have been extremely understanding and even encouraged him to take the next step. During the Instagram live, Dabin expressed how grateful he was for their approval and that it helped him build up the courage he needed to move towards a new direction. After the announcement, the DPR crew made sure to show their support publicly too. DPR IAN, DPR CREAM, DPR ARTIC and others, shared the news on their Instagram stories. DPR IAN wrote:

“DPR and of course me as your brother is always here for you. we are not going anywhere ! Let Me Know whatever you need little brother”

On October 13th, Dabin announced an upcoming project titled “Till I Live”.


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