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EP REVIEW: G.Soul - 'Natural'


Image: G.Soul - 'Natural' / Source: Melon

G.Soul has made his return closing this year with an EP titled ‘Natural’, released December 2nd 2021. This EP marks the beginning of a new chapter of G.Soul’s career under Warner Music Korea, following his departure from former label H1GHR Music earlier this year. This move also encompasses a name change, with the singer going from Golden as used under H1GHR, to G.Soul as he had previously been known and well recognised.

The EP opens with ‘By My Side’, a kind of introduction to the other diary entries that follow throughout the rest of the EP. It establishes itself with a chilled atmosphere, shedding light on the carefree optimism of starting life anew, mixed with the comfort of the company of a loved one.

A steady optimism radiates from this song, that feels promising - both artistically and for his listeners - setting the tone for the rest of the tracks on this EP.

The title track, 'Natural' is a bittersweet love song to another. It begins with a simple guitar instrumental in the first half of the song, acting as a complimentary melody for G.Soul’s gentle vocals. This sound develops in the second half, introducing a bass-line and soft beats.

The simplicity of the instrumental allows lyricism to surface as a prominent element of this song. Here, G.Soul is profoundly focused on seasons, as a metaphor for the passing of time and the changes that come with it, using this to express the overwhelming experiences of being in love.

Natural’ feels very much like a youthful depiction of love based on the lyrics making such honest and grandiose promises. And yet somehow sounds just as experienced in the intertwined love and pain since the metaphors that G.Soul sings through are best understood through a lens of personal experience.

Watch the MV here:

This flows into the next track, ‘Free’, which feels very much like a continuation of the title track with a twist. It maintains the minimal guitar instrumental, underscored by a deep beating like a calm pulse - these two elements set a joint rhythm together for the duration of the song. This is the perfect arrangement for the subject of the song, which feels light and free; steady and clear-minded.

While the lyrics of the title track read like a love song written to another, ‘Free’ is the quieter love song written for the self. G.Soul expresses arriving at a kind of personal resolution; it is here where he is finding himself again and making a promise to prioritise himself from here on, instead of feeling lost and confused.

This final song stands out the most amongst the rest of the EP. As the outro to this short selection, it is probably the most sonically complex track. G.Soul chooses to make another turn of genre; this time, incorporating the rhythms and trumpet riffs that belong to the groovy laid-back bossa nova style. This shift in genre works well to bring the EP full circle, back to the casual feeling of optimism and newness that we heard from the first track - this time feeling promising for future projects to come.

Check out the EP here:

G.Soul’s ‘Natural’ has a way of embodying its title through each track. Like chapters of a story or pieces from a diary, each song flows naturally into the next, based on musical or lyrical qualities.

It's hard not to like this EP; it makes for an easy, comfortable listen, and for some it becomes increasingly enjoyable over time.

We are looking forward to hearing how G.Soul continues following on from this EP; whether he continues down this route and refining this sound or whether he will choose to experiment more.

Rating: 8.5/10

- Nina Ito

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