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Fana, who has been active since 2005, signed to the new label.

Dingo Killing Verse - Fana

The day after appearing on Dingo FreeStyle, Fana announced he would be joining Daytona Entertainment and also dropped an album with them. The album has 13 songs and features from many top artists such as JUSTHIS, TAKEONE, Sway D, Paloalto, as well as Daytona Entertainment co-founder The Quiett. It is his first album in four years since he released FANACONDA in 2017.

Having debuted in 2005 under Brownie Entertainment, Fana has also previously been signed to Soul Company, The Ugly Junction, and Stoneship. He is known for his rhyming ability and witty lyrics which has lead to many collaborations - over the years he has worked with DJ Wegun, Huckleberry P, Geeks, Khundi Panda, and Don Malik. The rapper has also previously featured on The Quiett's 2011 album "Back On The Beats Vol.2".

Daytona Entertainment was founded in 2020 by rappers The Quiett and YUMDDA. While their current artists are predominantly more up-and-coming - such as h3hyeon, JAEHA, and MELOH - Fana is a more veteran rapper who is joining the label.

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