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The last producer duo of the tenth season of Show Me the Money has been announced.

Unlike the other teams, neither of these producers are new to Show Me the Money, both having previously worked on the show.

Gaeko, one half of Dynamic Duo and co-founder of Amoeba Culture, was a producer on season 6 and season 9 of Show Me the Money alongside Dynamic Duo's Choiza. Together they led Nucksal to a 2nd place position in season 6, however, this will be the first time that Gaeko is competing by himself. As a producer, he has writing and composing credits on several songs he has featured on such as "Someday" ft. Gaeko & Yuzu by nafla, and "I Wander" ft. Gaeko by HA:TFELT, outside of his own music.

CODE KUNST has featured as a producer on season 7 and season 9 of Show Me the Money, and has also appeared on other hip-hop survival shows such as "High School Rapper 3" and "SignHere". In season 7, CODE KUNST produced the song "Good Day" for contestants pH-1, Kid Milli, and Loopy, which placed at number 4 on the charts. CODE KUNST has many producing credits for fellow lablemates under AOMG, as well as other artists in the industry.

The last duo to be announced is certainly a strong one, and it leaves much to look forward to in the upcoming season. With a mix of both new and returning producers, we can anticipate perhaps a new sound to this season.


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