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This is his first time signing to a label, having worked independently since 2019.


First appearing on the scene in High School Rapper 3 (2019), GIST stood out because of his unique tone and his ability at singing melodic rap tunes. Though he was eliminated in the mentor collaboration round, GIST did not allow this to stop his creative process. As the season concluded, GIST released his first EP titled 'CHILD'.

Since then, he has collaborated with many artists from both the Hip-hop and R&B scenes such as Leellamarz, ASH ISLAND, VINXEN, Hash Swan, and PLHN. GIST has also collaborated with current Daytona Entertainment members such as The Quiett, Skinny Brown, and MELOH. The Quiett has also previously mixed and mastered some of his tracks before.

During 2021, GIST primarily featured on other artists' albums, but did also release the singles 'Would You Still Love Me' featuring MELOH, and 'UNHAPPY' featuring Skinny Brown.

His new EP is titled "Beginning" and releases on 22nd January at 6pm KST. The tracklist is below.

  1. 디저트샵 featuring Hwang SeHyeon

  2. 익숙해

  3. Black Swan featuring Leellamarz, DON MALIK

  4. /분만 더 featuring Woodie Gochild

  5. 사랑해줄래 featuring MELOH

  6. No Selfie

  7. 안행복했네 featuring Skinny Brown

  8. 인생네컷 featuring JAEHA

Instagram / GIST @gist.the.artist

Instagram / Daytona Entertainment @daytona.ent

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