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The rapper recently became the winner of the 10th season of the popular competition show Show Me the Money.

Jo Gwangil wins Show Me the Money 10

On December 3rd 2021, the final episode of Show Me the Money 10 aired, and saw Gwang-il Jo as the winner of ₩100,000,000 (roughly $84,000), a full album with complete promotion, a MINI Cooper car, and a week-long stay at a luxury hotel.

This season saw many firsts: it was the largest number of applicants on the survival show (about 27,000), the first time someone has won the competition while not performing under a stage name, and CODE KUNST’s first win while participating as a producer on the show alongside mentor Gaeko.

As a winner, Gwang-il Jo has announced that he will be donating the prize money to charity, as well as adding some of his own, too. This is not the first time he has done something like this - as labelmate Brown Tigger has revealed that Gwang-il Jo has previously donated all the profits from filming an LG+ advertisement to charity.

We are happy to see such a selfless move from a winner, and wait with great anticipation to hear the album he will produce as a result of winning the show.

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