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The High School Rapper 4 contestants and long-time friends have both signed to YUMDDA and The Quiett's label.

Joining fellow contestant JAEHA, it was announced that both rappers would be signing to the label and also that h3hyeon would be releasing an album. The album, titled "Hwang SeHyeon", has features from other Daytona Entertainment labelmates such as Touch the Sky, YUMDDA, The Quiett, as well as another upcoming artist EXN. In order to commemorate their joining, both rappers and both founders collaborated for an Instagram and YouTube special called "청담동 FREESTYLE".

청담동 FREESTYLE - h3hyeon, Touch the Sky, The Quiett, YUMDDA

Daytona Entertainment was founded by YUMDDA and The Quiett in November 2020. The Quiett also previously founded the label Ambition Musik - he has remained CEO of this label but currently releases music under his newer label.

Touch the Sky, formerly known as "Lil Nekh" and real name Sang-jae Lee, immediately won favour with the judges on High School Rapper 4, notably for his distinctive voice and rap style. He placed 5th overall but developed a large fanbase through the course of the show. For the semi-final round 2, his performance of "Red Light" featuring BIG Naughty gained over 2 million views on YouTube, and his final performance also achieved similar success, with "NARO" featuring Loco and Simon Dominic currently standing at over 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Red Light (feat. BIG Naughty) (prod. CODE KUNST) - Sang-jae Lee

h3hyeon, real name Se-hyeon Hwang, also captured the stage with his collaborative performance with JAEHA during the Textbook Rap Battle round. Their song, "Chris Brown Moves", also has a remix on the album "GORAP LOSERS" which features YUMDDA and The Quiett. h3hyeon's popularity grew from his unique audition video which featured him rapping while playing guitar on a rooftop space.

Chris Brown Moves - JAEHA, h3hyeon

It was revealed on High School Rapper 4 that Se-hyeon and Sang-jae had been friends since before filming for the show began. It seems fitting that they should join the label at the same time especially because of their on-going support for each other, and we look forward to seeing the rising rappers' successes in the future.

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