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On Ja Mezz's fan chatroom, a user, presumed to be a girlfriend of his, sent messages and photos describing and showing examples of his violent behaviour.

TW: mentions of abuse, violence, drugs

Ja Mezz

Ja Mezz signed to GRDL (Grandline Entertainment) in 2014, and is primarily known for his time as a contestant on Show Me the Money seasons 3, 4, 6, and 10. He became CEO of GRDL in August 2021.

Screenshots released from a fan chatroom for Ja Mezz showed a user who sent pictures of a their car windshield being damaged, claiming it was the rapper, and stated that they were going to report the incident.

"Ja Mezz's true nature. Date violence + drugs"

The user also sent a screenshot of a text message conversation in the chat - they were upset at Ja Mezz's drug-taking despite having asked him not to previously, and also accused him of smoking marijuana and taking LSD. They showed evidence of a complaint they made to the police, and further said that he had repeatedly hit her.

translation by @dropthekhhtea 

Furthermore, other photos sent by the user as proof have been the subject of much discussion on the Korean internet forum DC Inside. Photos comparing the tattoos of the man in the picture were shown to be the same as Ja Mezz's tattoos. He has a unique tattoo on his right arm which was verified by a netizen who compared the tattoo to a screenshot from an interview with Ja Mezz.

The victim accused Ja Mezz of gaslighting her and making her believe his actions and anger were her fault. The user then stated their intention to report his abusive behaviour and drug-taking to the police, and that they also intend to report his friends who also take drugs. Fellow fans in the chatroom showed support to the user because of their bravery in speaking up, but were also very disappointed and upset with Ja Mezz's supposed actions.

At present, Grandline Entertainment are verifying these claims.

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