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Jay Park has launched an account on OnlyFans for his new single’s promotion. 


On June 24th, Jay Park announced via X that he had created an OnlyFans account. The release of his new single “McNasty”, which is due to come out on June 30th, was revealed at the same time.

Since the launch of his account, Jay Park has shared several posts on OnlyFans. In his first post, he wrote, “Thank you for your support and I’m glad to be here when everyone needs something a little different”. 

Other posts include video shoot behind-the-scenes, a picture of himself lying in bed with women’s underwear on his chest, as well as a talking video in which he is seen sweating in a sauna, only wearing underwear.


Netizens are quick to express their opinions, but Jay Park is just as quick to get back with a response. He hit back on the claims that “He must be low on money” by highlighting the fact that his OnlyFans account is free to access. The artist also laughed at people who are looking for leaked content after making unprompted accusations about his account. 

Shortly after the announcement, the artist shared a teaser of the new single on his Instagram profile. The video shows a snippet of the song’s choreography, which Jay Park is seen performing alongside his dancers. 

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