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According to an industry insider, Jay Park is apparently set to establish an agency for an idol group.


At the end of last year, news broke that Jay Park would be stepping down as CEO of both AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC. He released the track "To Life" on January 1st as what seemed like a farewell to the limelight of music, and officially announced the launching of his soju brand "Won Soju". However, new information suggests Jay Park may now be focusing on setting up another label.

Representatives from the industry say that he is presently working on setting up a music agency with which he can then establish an idol group. Sources say that Kakao Entertainment are expected to make a large investment into this endeavour.

In response to this news, Kakao Entertainment have neither confirmed or denied this rumour but rather stated that they are currently discussing a variety of business partnerships with nothing concrete yet decided.

Jay Park was previously the leader and a vocalist, dancer and rapper for idol boy group 2PM, however, he left in early 2010. He then went on to establish the hip-hop and R&B labels AOMG (2013) and H1GHR MUSIC (2017). He was also previously signed to JAY-Z's label Roc Nation, under which he released his 2018 album "Ask Bout Me".

Having ventured into other entertainment industries with AOMG - such as sport, by representing UFC fighter Chan Sung Jung ("The Korean Zombie"), and television, by creating the audition programme SignHere - Jay Park is well equipped with experience should he decide to form his own idol group. Since he is known for contributing to the growth in popularity of hip-hop and R&B, it will be interesting to see what he may have planned if he follows through with this concept.

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