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In April, Jay Park’s soju company Won Soju was introduced to overseas markets, beginning in the United States. This August, Won Soju reached Europe as well. A launching party tour in the United States was announced by the company.

Jay Park

The beginning of Won Soju

In February 2022, Won Soju made its debut with a brand launch event held at The Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido, western Seoul. The soju began sales on the Won Spirits website at the end of March the same year, following the one-week long promotion at The Hyundai Seoul. The brand became so popular in Korea that for a while stores had to limit Won Soju orders.

Milestones were reached shortly after the launch of Won Soju. It was disclosed in August of last year that 1.04 million bottles were sold overall in only six months, since the product’s official release. The outstanding accomplishment received a lot of attention and the secretary of the Korean Traditional Liquor Association, Joo Bong Suk, noted:

“To exceed 1 million bottles in sales within six months is the highest selling figure in the traditional liquor market”.

Won Soju expands globally

Jay Park has always intended to grow his soju brand internationally. After the successful introduction of Won Soju in Korea, the CEO explained that he expected to represent the country and globalize premium soju abroad. Only a year after the original debut, it was announced that Won Soju is entering the market in the United States. The distribution of the beverage began in April and it reached around 60 restaurants and 18 mid-large-sized liquor stores. Won Soju started the international business in New York, New Jersey and California.

Now, Won Soju finally reached Europe. The Netherlands is the first country to receive a 10,000 bottle supply of ‘WonSoju’ and ‘Won Soju Classic’ that arrived there this August. In accordance with signed local contracts, the beverage will be supplied in ”Soju Bars” in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven.

Won Soju’s international business is anticipated to grow further. It is known that exports to countries like Germany, Thailand, New Zealand, Vietnam, and import permits to Indonesia and Malaysia are confirmed. In the meantime, the distribution destinations are being negotiated for Japan, China and France. In a statement, Jay Park explained:

“We are planning to launch Won Soju drinks, adequately adapted to each country’s local culture, through distribution channels where we can actively interact with our target consumers”.

The Launching Party tour

In addition, on August 25th, a Launching Party tour around the United States was announced by the Won Soju company. One of the events will take place in New York, at ‘Somewhere Nowhere NYC” venue on Saturday, 16th September. During the party, Jay Park will be performing live. DJ Zo and Nathan Leong will make an appearance as special guests. Other events are planned in Seattle, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

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