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On April 18th, Indigo Music teased that a new artist would be joining their label. This came as a follow-up to Indigo CEO Swings' announcement in late March that there would be a new signee soon. On April 19th, the mystery was finally revealed as rapper Kim Sang-Min also known as ksmartboi was announced as the latest addition to the Indigo Music roster.

rapper ksmartboi


Born in 2004, ksmartboi is a relative newbie to the K Hip-Hop scene having only made his debut on SoundCloud in 2019 with the single '개처럼 FREESTYLE'. His other releases include 'MCM', 'UFO' and most notably, 'Earth is Flatt 2' featuring GOLDBUUDA and Lil Cherry. He is also a member of the FLAT EARTH SOCIETY crew alongside artists like Yes Junior 24, Lil Kintexx and chilloud. Musically, his songs have an energetic 'Pop' sound to them which will bring a unique twist to the more 'Trap' style of music that Indigo is known for. The announcement of his signing drew mixed reactions from K Hip-Hop fans as some celebrated it while others questioned if he fit the style of the label. However, Swings quickly took to Instagram to reaffirm his confidence in the signing, stating that ksmartboi is "really dope".

Indigo Music is the label founded by Swings in 2017. In addition to ksmartboi, it is home to artists like Kid Milli, JUSTHIS, YANGHONGWON and ron. It is considered to be one of the most groundbreaking K Hip-Hop labels due to the immense talent and popularity of its artists. The label's prominence in the scene was sealed in 2019 when it won the Korean Hip-Hop Awards title 'Label of The Year'.

ksmartboi's first album, the self-produced 'NASA CERTIFIED' was released on April 21st and boasts of features from Swings, H3hyeon and FLAT EARTH SOCIETY. We're excited for this new step in ksmartboi's career and we can't wait to see what else he has in store.

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