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This is not the first run-in that NO:EL has had with the police.


In 2019, NO:EL (Yong-jun Jang) was arrested in Mapo-gu, Seoul for driving under the influence and hitting a motorcycle. It was also reported that the rapper confessed to trying to have someone else pose as the driver in the accident. He has now been involved in a second incident on September 18th in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

While no one was injured in this instance, NO:EL was arrested for driving without a license, refusal to undergo a breathalyser test, and obstructing the execution of the Road Traffic Act. He assaulted the police officer which can be seen in footage released from the black box of the police car.

NO:EL was on probation for two years from the 2019 incident, however he broke this in February after swearing and assaulting people in Busan. Due to the previous violations of parole, he may face a harsher sentence.

Despite having issued an apology on Instagram, online forums have been calling for a removal of NO:EL from the hip-hop community. Hip-hop Gallery released an open letter to its members stating that, as a community, they can "no longer allow [NO:EL] to stain the noble spirit of hip-hop". This suggests that, moving forward, the rapper's behaviour will be less tolerated. Previously, NO:EL's charges have reached settlements and not prison time.

NO:EL is known for his time on School Rapper and Show Me the Money 6. His father also has a prominent position as a congressman of the political People Power Party.

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