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Following recent charges, NO:EL's contract has been terminated.

Earlier this month, NO:EL (Yong-jun Jang) was arrested for several charges including driving without a license, refusal to undergo a breathalyser test, and obstructing the execution of the Road Traffic Act. This was not his first incident with the police, having being prosecuted for a driving under the influence incident in 2019, and being involved in a battery case in February of this year.

Glitched Company, which was established in February 2021 and announced its creation in April 2021, has now terminated its contract with NO:EL. Although it was previously thought that it was a one man owned company, it has now transpired that there is another anonymous director in charge of Glitched Company who is also a director of Million Market. Million Market was founded in September 2012 and became a subsidiary of SM Entertainment when it was acquired in August 2018. The founder of Million Market, MC Mong, resigned as a director when it was acquired by SM Entertainment.

There has been much controversy surrounding the current issues, especially due to previous concerns from hip-hop fans that NO:EL was in some way associated to SM Entertainment. In addition, the online forum 'Hip-hop Gallery' has recently urged its members to remove NO:EL from the hip-hop community because of his bad influence. Despite condemning his son's actions, a Blue House petition has been launched against Jang Je-won (father of NO:EL and representative of the People Power Party) asking for him to be stripped of his assemblyman position. At present, the petition has over 190,000 signatures.

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