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After his DUI controversies and a suspended prison sentence, the rapper NO:EL has signed to Indigo Music again.


NO:EL (real name Jang Yong-jun) started his music career in 2017 releasing his first album “ELLEONOEL” under Prima Music Group, Primeboi’s label. NO:EL is known for his participation in the survival Hip-Hop television show “High School Rapper”. The artist appeared in the first episode of the show; however, he left shortly after because of his old controversial social media posts that have resurfaced. Some popular releases from the rapper include “Acting Award”, “Ride or die”, “Alone”. NO:EL is also featured in well-known tracks like “IndiGO” and “119 REMIX” alongside artists such as Kid Milli, JUSTHIS, Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Loco and more.

On July 21st, Indigo Music introduced NO:EL as a new artist on their Instagram account. That came as a surprise to many people, as he was dropped by the label in 2020, after his DUI incidents and issues with the law. In March of 2018, NO:EL signed with the record label for the first time and worked with the company for 2 years. Now, nearly three years after parting ways, the rapper has stated that he is returning to full-time projects with the music label.

NO:EL has had several controversies in the past. In June of 2019, the rapper was charged and ended up on 2 year probation for driving under the influence and an attempt to cover it up. In September 2021, NO:EL caused a car accident and the incident resulted in him receiving charges for driving without a licence, declining breathalyser tests, and attacking a police officer.

Following the announcement of NO:EL’s return, the artist, as well as the social media accounts of Indigo Music, posted news about upcoming music. The third album by NO:EL, titled “TRIPONOEL”, will be released on 26th of July.

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