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On the 8th of April, H1GHR MUSIC teased that a new artist would be joining the label and also releasing a digital single. It has now been revealed that 16 year old Park Hyeon Jin has signed to the agency.


Park Hyeon Jin's first appearance in the music scene was in 2016 when he competed in and won the reality show 'K-pop Star 6' with his musical partner Kim Jong-seob. Though he was originally signed to YG Entertainment, Hyeon Jin left soon after and signed to Starship Entertainment. Under Starship, he debuted in a three-member boy group called OG SCHOOL PROJECT, however, they only released one single in 2018. The singer and rapper recently came back to the scene in 2021, when he competed on the rap survival show High School Rapper 4. He stood out because of his capabilities in melodic rapping which stemmed from his previous time spent as a vocalist. On the show, Hyeon Jin stated that his reason for participating was mostly because the previous shows had focused on singing, whereas he wanted to use High School Rapper as a way to showcase his rapping ability, which is his preferred style of music. Though he came in 4th place, Park Hyeon Jin developed a strong fan base through the show, and he was especially popular with Jay Park who was a judge on the show.

Intro (feat. Jay Park) - Park Hyeon Jin

H1GHR MUSIC was founded in 2017 by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone. It focuses on hip-hop and R&B in both Seoul and Seattle, and was made to bridge a gap and formulate an international link between the two. The label is home to many well-established rappers such as pH-1, Sik-K and Woodie Gochild, and also has other rappers which were spotted as talents on rap survival shows such as BIG Naughty from Show Me the Money, and HAON from High School Rapper 2.

Park Hyeon Jin's digital single "____FECT" releases on 13th April at 6pm KST, and we look forward to see what his debut with the company will showcase.

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