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After the similarities were pointed out by fans, pH-1 shared that his apparel brand’s logo was copied on his Instagram story. However, the brand that received accusations did not stay quiet and brought out evidence opposing the allegations.


On August 28th, pH-1 posted an Instagram story claiming that PERSONSOUL, a clothing brand with a focus on sustainability and people’s self-identity, had imitated the logo of EGO FETCH, his clothing brand, following his supporters bringing attention to the resemblance. The story was taken down soon after, followed up with the rapper’s statement that it was deleted since lawyers will be taking care of the matter.

PERSONSOUL did not stay silent while facing allegations. A series of Instagram stories were posted on the brand’s Instagram page, publicly defining the company's timeline on their logo design. They provided images with the process of designing and producing the logo, screenshots of conversations with the manufacturer - everything included timestamps. The company was established in 2021, and according to the provided images, they began creating the brand logo in April 2022, finishing the draft in May. The same month, PERSONSOUL started producing the logo in order to apply it to their products with tags and hot stamping. Meanwhile, the first public presentation of EGO FETCH’S logo happened a full year later, in May 2023.

The brand EGO FETCH was established in 2022 by pH-1. With a simple aesthetic, the brand focuses on producing textured everyday essentials. EGO FETCH aims to demonstrate brand traits that are “understated, exquisite, unaffected by fashion trends” and have great durability through carefully chosen high-quality materials and contemporary styles. The brand's debut was announced in May this year, followed by advertisements about the Korea Pop-Up Store events that happened on 2-4 June, in Seoul. The clothing brand introduction was successful, and the events sold out all the predicted stock of items. Other pop-ups were organised in China for spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. EGO FETCH also launched their official online store which delivers worldwide.

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