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[1] Beenzino [2] Chipinkos

On 25th March 2021, Beenzino unexpectedly released the song ‘Monet (demo)’ on Soundcloud. Now, almost a year later, Russian rapper Chipinkos has released a single, also titled ‘Monet’ - a copy of Beenzino’s track (in Korean, too) - without the original artist’s permission.

As Chipinkos has released this track under his own name on professional streaming platforms, it means that the Russian artist will begin to profit from any streams of this song, despite it being wholly plagiarised. This is of great importance as the track is set to be part of Beenzino’s upcoming album ‘Nowitizki’, and has already been recorded as part of the soundtrack for the basketball video game NBA 2K22.

Fortunately, Beenzino’s agency, Beasts & Natives, has taken the matter very seriously. At the time of writing, Chipinkos’ version of the single is no longer on the artist’s Spotify, and we expect to see the agency following through with the legal action they intend to take against the rapper for his illegal behaviour.

Instagram / Beenzino @realisshoman

Instagram / Beasts & Natives @watchbana

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