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The back to back disses between Sik-K and Swings that began in May are going into the next round.

Sik-K and Swings

On August 15th, Blase released a song “Take It, Flip It” in collaboration with Sik-K. In his verse, Sik-K disses Swings by mentioning the artist’s name in the lyrics. The rapper references AP Alchemy’s low ticket sales, manipulation, how his company resembles a jail, implying the legal issues that Swing’s artists are dealing with, and even encourages the riddance of boomers. To give you an example how clear Sik-K makes it that he is dissing Swings:

“Swings, don’t hesitate to kiss my ass when you see me passing by in Itaewon”.

Here are the translated lyrics of the song:

How it all started

The beginning of the fight between rappers can be pointed back to May. While featuring in the song “Money Dance” alongside Leelamarz, NSW Yoon, Street Baby and HOAN, Sik-K had censored words in his verse that raised speculations in the community. It turned out that the censored lyrics were directed towards Swings during a live performance at the HIPHOPPLAYA festival - the censored words being “Swings” and “bulldozer”. As a response, Swings stated that he would not be fighting with rappers beneath his level while performing at Daegu Hip-Hop Festival. It is ironic considering that in the song “meme” from the “AP Alchemy: Side P” album, Swings released a verse which felt like a comeback to Sik-K’s diss, though he did not mention any names. Swings’ verse includes lyrics:

“This guy who lacks lung capacity tried to spar with me, and that was a mistake”.

Sik-K critiqued AP Alchemy’s concert sales in a now removed Instagram post, shortly after AP Alchemy announced their first compilation concert in June. After a debate about low ticket sales, the concert ended up being free when Swings revealed that already purchased tickets would be refunded.

Artists are picking sides

After the release of the song, other artists are clearly picking sides. Lil Cherry shared the song’s lyrics to her Instagram Story. She started Wedaplugg in 2017, a label that is now managed by Swings. Former Indigo Music artist Jvcki Wai, who left Swing’s label in 2019, also posted the song’s lyrics. The producer GooseBumps shared the music video, adding the words “Kill the old man”. After Bignaughty reposted the music video and stated “Industry Knows”, he received a response from NO:EL, who shared on Threads:

“...plz tell me where the f is ur industry even exists..lil kid. Shut the f up if u neva went thru this #GETREADYFORAWAR

Now, some questions remain. What does the “industry know”? Will we see a response from Swings?

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