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After rumours emerged, speculating that Sik-K surrendered himself to the police for drug abuse, his official representative issued a statement clarifying the situation.


According to a report published by a media outlet on January 19th, a well-known rapper, who remained unnamed at the time, showed up at the Yongsan Police Station and confessed to using drugs. As police described him to be noticeably unstable, incoherent and stumbling over his words, that morning the rapper was held in a nearby station for his safety. 

On April 29th, TenAsia released an exclusive report where they confirmed the previously mentioned rapper to be Sik-K. On the same day, the artist's legal representative issued a statement, addressing the misinformation that is being disclosed regarding Sik-K’s situation. 

In the statement, it was explained that Sik-K was not under the influence when he arrived at the Yongsan Police Station on January 19th, and that his actions were caused by post-operative delirium rather than drug use. 

The representative specified that, from 15th to 18th of January, the rapper was in the hospital where he underwent surgery on his shoulder and received complete general anaesthesia. After the procedure, he was looked after by his family. Unfortunately, the morning after his discharge, the artist showcased symptoms of delirium and ended up leaving his home. While at the police station that morning, Sik-K willingly sat through an investigation, and after being discharged with a warning, he went back to his home. The statement clarifies:

“Thus, between our client’s discharge on the afternoon of 18 January 2024 and his attendance at the police station on the morning of 19 January 2024, it was physically impossible for him to consume any drugs. In fact, our client’s urine specimen collected at the Seoul Yongsan Police Station did not test positive for methamphetamine or any drug content currently reported in the news”

According to the legal team, Sik-K has been experiencing insomnia and was admitted to the hospital again on January 20th. At the moment, he is receiving outpatient treatment. 

Additionally, the statement explained that Sik-K has been previously examined for violation of the Narcotics Control Act. The rapper has handed himself in for marijuana possession and use in the past, but this situation is a separate case that happened prior to the shoulder surgery.  

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