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STANDARD FRIENDS welcome rapper sokodomo to the label.

On April 17th, music label STANDARD FRIENDS announced sokodomo as their newest artist on Instagram. The following day, sokodomo teased a new song which was released on April 19th with a music video alongside it.

sokodomo began his career in 2019 after debuting under Sony Music Entertainment Korea, but his popularity as an artist grew after participating in shows High School Rapper 3 in 2019, and Show Me The Money in 2021. Since then, sokodomo has collaborated with popular artists Jay Park, Ugly Duck, SUMIN and many others.

STANDARD FRIENDS was founded in August 2022, by Hip-Hop and R&B singer Zion. T who announced this new company through an Instagram account launch. On his personal page, Zion. T explained that the label was established with the goal of creating and showcasing fascinating and unique art to global audiences. He wishes success to artist who will be joining the label:

“I hope that the creators that this company supports could do better in what they do”. 

Aside from sokodomo, the company also holds contracts with artists Wonstein, Giriboy, Slom, and Fisherman.

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