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SON SIMBA has ended his exclusive contract with DEJAVU Group. 


On May 10th, DEJAVU Group announced the end of SON SIMBA’s contract through an Instagram post where they explained that the contract termination was initiated by the artist. In the statement, DEJAVU Group expressed support for SON SIMBA’S new beginning and thanked him for the hard work he did within the label, work that he did not only for himself, but for fellow artists also. SON SIMBA was signed to the label for 5 years.

See the full announcement here:

The announcement did not come as a surprise as SON SIMBA explained his decision to end the contract in an Instagram post less than a week prior. 

Netizens speculated that the contract termination was prompted by the controversy surrounding his online activities. In his announcement, SON SIMBA acknowledged his fan’s disappointment:

“I know that a lot of you have been exhausted for a while by all the complicated situations related to me” 

See the full statement here:


A controversy had emerged surrounding SON SIMBA’s online presence on DC Inside Hip-Hop Gallery, a known Korean online community discussion platform. A user from the forum had been searching for SON SIMBA’s account when they found that an account registered under a nickname traced back to the same IP address as the artist. 

Back in 2020, SON SIMBA had been publicly criticising and mentioning names of users who critiqued him on HIPHOPLE. He also threatened to sue one of the users. Due to this, a warning was issued by the forum’s management saying that directly referencing other usernames, specifically in a rude manner, is against community guidelines. 


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