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The past few days have seen tensions build up between Uncut Point's Loopy and Khundi Panda of Dejavu Group.

Image : Khundi Panda | Loopy

Loopy posted a short series of Instagram stories on February 9th, voicing his disappointment with the Korean Hip-Hop Awards Nominations for being solely dictated by industry executives, and lacking representation and involvement from rappers, singers and producers. Directly following, Loopy also claimed to have made significant cultural contributions to K Hip-Hop, tying this in with the growth of his first label Mkit Rain and their logistical decisions to raise concert ticket prices and referring to this as his own “sacrifice” for K Hip-Hop culture.

Screenshot: Loopy (@thisloop) | Translation from Seoul Therapy

Khundi Panda quickly jumped in via Instagram story to dispute this, stating that such raises in ticket prices were not at all to do with sacrifices, but simply “market logic” - a logical course of progression in any industry. Khundi took a few personal digs at Loopy in this response, telling him to contribute to K Hip-Hop with “something more convincing” and taking time to remind him that “this is Seoul, not Hollyweed” - recalling the Mkit Rain marijuana scandal that took place a year ago back in February 2021.

Screenshot: Khundi Panda (@cleanlawnchef) | Translation from Seoul Therapy

Screenshot: Khundi Panda (@cleanlawnchef) | Translation from Seoul Therapy

Khundi Panda then doubled down on all these points with the prompt release of a diss track titled ‘BANANA SPLIT’, using this as a creative opportunity to take a few more digs at Loopy, even going as far as questioning his national identity and English-speaking ability. The diss track has received a positive public response from fellow Dejavu Group labelmate, Son Simba (formerly Simba Zawadi), applauding Khundi Panda’s skills, but not taking any sides in the matter.

This dispute is currently an ongoing issue, with a livestream between Son Simba and Owen that took place earlier today (February 11th), during which Loopy absent-mindedly blurted out a racist slur in a feeble attempt to back up his argument.

We will update you with more details from this livestream soon.


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