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TXT's Yeonjun is the reason behind the breakup of an internet famous couple.


Thug Min, founder of streetwear brand THUGCLUB worn by artists like SIK-K and CL, recently took to Instagram to announce his breakup with his girlfriend. The reason for the split left followers stunned: she had sent him a reel expressing her love for TXT's Yeonjun.

In an Instagram story, Thug Min shared a screenshot of the conversation where his now ex-girlfriend said “Yeonjun, I love you” after sending him a reel of the musician. Thug Min explained that he only wants  sincere love with his partner and voiced his feelings:

“I’m a pure guy. I don’t need a girl who says ‘I love you’ easily to other guys” 

He posted the KakaoTalk conversation in a different story. 

The break-up very quickly went viral online and netizens shared their opinions about the situation. A number of people pointed out the jealousy men have towards K-pop idols, some mentioned the double standard of men having celebrity crushes that are women and openly commenting on their bodies. Also, some people suggest that it is a prank or a joke because Thug Min is known as being a troll online, but that also the scale of  they believe that the situation is baffling.

Hyeji, founder of clothing archive brand YAYO, and ex-girlfriend of Thug Min, was seen apologising in their conversation, however the decision had been made to end the relationship already. Thug Min expressed feeling uncomfortable knowing that his partner was sharing content like this not only with him but also with her friends, he felt like he was being compared to others.

Soon after, Hyeji confirmed the break up and also posted an apology on her Instagram account. She explained that she only wanted to clarify any misunderstandings and did not expect the situation to gain so much attention. Notably, Hyeji expressed her own confusion about the situation:

“But I am just baffled that this is the reason for breaking up, as a couple who talked about marriage for the past year” 

Thung Min responded to Hyeji’s post stating that the cause of the breakup was "straightforward" - her actions did not make sense to him and his personal views on relationships. 

In a now deleted post, Thug Min posted a DM of a person sending him pictures of Yeonjun wearing THUGCLUB clothing. In the caption, he said: “Let’s be friends, Yeonjun”


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