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After 5 years with the label, rapper and producer Viann is parting ways with Dejavu Group.


On June 24th, Dejavu Group announced via Instagram that Viann’s exclusive contract has ended. In the statement, the label highlighted his “impressive musical activities” that the artists showed through his music, and in participation on his fellow artists’ songs. Dejavu Group expressed their approval for the artist’s future activities:

“We support Viann’s new start and ask for your encouragement and love!"

Viann shared the news of his departure from the label on his personal Instagram account. He explained that the decision was made after careful consideration and apologised about the unexpected announcement. The rapper plans to continue working with his band Flatshop and asked his fans for their support. 

Viann also parted ways with the 30 Crew, which he has been active with since 2018. Currently, the crew consist of artists such as Dsel, Khundi Panda, Ohiorabbit and more.

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