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After 7 years of work, WEDAPLUGG RECORDS  is concluding their activities. 

On May 15th, in an Instagram post, WEDAPLUGG RECORDS announced that the record label is closing down. In the statement, the label expressed gratitude for the artists and the fans:

“We would like to thank the fans who have loved WEDAPLUGG RECORDS and the artists who have been with us. We support the future of artists who will continue their new journey”. 

Swings, Jhnovr, Yunhway, GOLDBUUDA, Lil Cherry, Giriboy, Saewoo

WEDAPLUGG was established in 2017 by the siblings Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA  (formerly known as Jito Mo). The crew was made into an official label in 2018, when Swings and Giriboy took over. Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA left shortly after the change. 

Prior to the announcement, the music label was working with artists such as Kvsh, OLNL, Saewoo, Yeoho, and Yuleum. Former artists within the crew included GOLDBUUDA, Lil Cherry, Jhnovr, Lil Tachi, and Yunhway. 

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