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As the 10th season of Show Me the Money comes to a close, the winner and runner ups have been announced.

Garion (feat. Dynamicduo) - Gwangil Jo

The winning prize consists of 300 million won, a MINI Cooper car, a week-long stay at a luxury hotel, and full promotion for an album release.

The final rankings for the show are:

  • 1st: Gwangil Jo

  • 1st runner up: SINCE

  • 2nd runner up: BE'O

  • 3rd runner up: KOONTA

The final consisted of two stages for the four contestants. Both Gwangil Jo and SINCE were part of team CODE KUNST x Gaeko, while BE'O was mentored by GRAY x MINO, and KOONTA belonged to team YUMDDA x TOIL.

The first stage was an opportunity for the rappers to showcase their talent alongside fellow artists in the industry, and the second stage was a collaboration between the rappers and their mentors.

Round 1

  • Double Up (feat. YUMDDA, The Quiett, MUSHVENOM, Layone) by KOONTA

  • Without You (feat. ASH ISLAND) (prod. GRAY) by BE'O

  • UP (feat. Jay Park, Woo) (prod. CODE KUNST) by SINCE

  • Garion (feat. Dynamicduo) (prod. Primary) by Gwangil Jo

There was then a special stage from some of the previous contestants - Basick, Anandelight, Mudd the Student, and sokodomo appeared alongside Zion.T on the track "A Long Day" produced by Fisherman.

Round 2

  • Timing (feat. YUMDDA, BIG Naughty) (prod. TOIL) by KOONTA

  • Nothing (feat. Hwa Sa, MINO) (prod. GRAY) by BE'O

  • SIGN (feat. Mirani) (prod. CODE KUNST) by SINCE

  • Journey (feat. AILEE, Hangzoo, Gaeko) (prod. CODE KUNST) by Gwangil Jo

Another special stage was performed by veteran rappers and other big names in the industry - Dynamicduo, GIRIBOY, Paloalto, lIlBOI and JUSTHIS appeared for the track "+82" which was produced by Dynamicduo and THAMA.

The overall results of money earnt came from a combined total of live audience votes and live SMS votes from both round 1 and round 2 of the final.

  • Gwangil Jo - 27,975,000

  • SINCE - 23,550,000

  • BE'O - 20,550,000

  • KOONTA - 15,375,000

Gwangil Jo is currently signed to Dippin' Carls Records and has 1 studio album out, alongside several singles. He debuted on the scene in 2019 but has shown his potential despite his relative newness; his 2020 single "Acrobat 곡예사" has over 11 million views on YouTube. Check out our WHO YOU? for more information about the rapper.

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