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Announced via Instagram, Wonstein has left Beautiful Noise to pursue music as an independent artist.

Image: Wonstein / Source: SM Entertainment
Image: Wonstein / Source: SM Entertainment

In a touching post, the 26 year old ‘FRIENDS’ rapper informed fans that he would be leaving Beautiful Noise; thanked the label’s founder and CEO, Mommy Son for his guidance and support over the past 4 years; and stated that he is excited for what the future has in store for him.

Wonstein has been signed to Beautiful Noise since 2018 and commemorated his departure from the label with a farewell party hosted by his former labelmates: Chan-ju, Kim Seung-min, Mommy Son, Sion Jung and Zior Park. In an Instagram post following the announcement, Mommy Son recalled Wonstein’s humility as an artist, stated that “All Beautiful Noise artists will wholeheartedly support the new page in Wonstein's music career” and asked for fans to continue to support the rapper regardless of changes in his persona or music.

While we wait for Wonstein’s next steps, we can listen to his first feature as an independent artist on NCT Taeyong’s ‘Love Theory’.

- Catherine Parker

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