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After eight years under YG subsidiary, The Black Label, Zion.T and the label have decided to part ways following the expiration of the artist’s contract.

Both Zion.T and The Black Label expressed mutual respect and support for each other's future endeavors, emphasizing a "beautiful goodbye while cheering each other on their paths." In his personal statement on Instagram, Zion.T reminisced about his valuable time with The Black Label, highlighting the growth and learning experiences he had during this time. He expressed gratitude towards the label owner Teddy, fellow producers, staff, and artists for their support throughout his tenure.

Zion.T joined The Black Label in 2016, marking a period of prolific musical output. Over the past eight years, he has released two studio albums, "OO" and "ZIP," one EP titled "ZZZ," several singles, and numerous collaborations, including the notable tracks "ANIRAGO," produced by Slom, and “Hello Tutorial,” featuring Red Velvet’s Seulgi. While being a part of The Black Label, Zion.T established his own label, Standard Friends, in 2022. This venture allowed him to nurture and sign a new generation of talented artists, including Wonstein, Slom, Sokodomo, Fisherman, and most recently, Giriboy.

Zion.T (real name Kim Hae-sol) made his debut on April 29, 2011, with the single "Click Me." His entry into the music scene took off with the release of "Yanghwa BRDG" under Amoeba Culture (owned by Dynamic Duo), which became a significant hit in 2014, solidifying his position as a mainstream artist in Korea.

His departure, though anticipated, follows a trend of various KRnB and K-hip-hop artists leaving their labels, causing a significant shift in the dynamics of the K-R&B scene. As Zion.T embarks on this new journey with Standard Friends, fans and colleagues alike look forward to the innovative and impactful music that Zion.T will continue to create.


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