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SONG REVIEW: "Freak Like Me": CAMO's First Comeback Single For 2022


CAMO makes her intentions known with a new single already added to her discography for 2022. The rapper, who has collaborated with the likes of Simon Dominic and The Quiett in the past, is securing her seat at the table as an up-and-coming artist in the K rap scene for this year. The new single titled “Freak Like Me” was released on the 14th of January and the cover art feels like the declaration stating “I’m about to conquer this year”. An illustrated character assumed to be CAMO herself is shown facing the mountains as her bikini top comes loose while skiing; symbolizing her willingness to stray from the usual path, living out the story that she is penning for herself.

camo freak like me new single
"Freak Like Me" Cover Art / Source: Spotify

Along with the welcomed symbolism, is the single itself. We hear the artist singing while simultaneously maintaining her position as a rapper throughout the song. She is also heavily credited in all her previous works, so her lyrics for this single cannot be overlooked. “Freak Like Me” follows the timeline of a relationship that starts with a question, which is also the opening line of the song; “you want a freak like me?”. The first half of the song poses a challenge to her suitor by making her criteria known in order to hold her heart, with requests like “call me your highness” and “pull up to your momma”. She responds to her wishes being met with light-hearted compromise displayed with lyrics like “talk shit, it don’t matter” and “you keep taking my socks”.

While CAMO’s music usually embodies the trap style, “Freak Like Me” is blended with bubbly pop elements which complement the light-hearted sentiment of the track. CAMO’s verses are effectively placed throughout the song, creating a well-paced single that’s easy to listen to.

The chorus is already stuck in my head and although it is not a shockingly different single, it still showcases the talent that resides within her. With that being said, I would love to see her experiment, even more, especially, where vocals are concerned. I am curious to see what she puts out in the future as she navigates the quest of finding her sound as an emerging artist.

Rating: 6.5/10

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