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Ja Mezz responded to accusations of abusive and violent behaviour, as well as drug use, and the user released a further statement.

TW: mentions of abuse, violence, drugs, suicidal behaviour

@dohnballer [Ja Mezz and GRDL members]

Earlier last week, a user sent photos and texts to a fan chatroom for rapper Ja Mezz accusing him of dating violence and drugs. In August, Ja Mezz became CEO of Grandline Entertainment, and the label stated that they were looking into the claims. However, on their Instagram account it was revealed that they will now be dissolving due to the recent controversy and that this decision was made in agreement with all musicians and staff involved with the label.

Ja Mezz then released a statement on his personal Instagram account whereby he apologised to his family, friends, members of GRDL, and fans - especially noting those in the fan chatroom who were the first to learn of the information. He went on to confirm that there had been arguments between him and ex-girlfriend, and explained his side of the story at length.

He initially went on to address the situation whereby there was an altercation that resulted in his ex-girlfriend reporting him to the police and them both going to the police station. Ja Mezz stated that in this instance he did not wish to press charges of mutual assault, and that in return his ex-girlfriend filled out an application for there to be no penalties against him.

translation by @dropthekhhtea 

Next, Ja Mezz shared his version of events regarding the image of the broken windshield. He admitted to acting rashly, having climbed on the bonnet as the car approached him, at which point he smashed the front windscreen with his leg.

[1] from chatroom [2] translation by @dropthekhhtea 

The rapper then explain the screenshot the user had sent of a police report whereby police were dispatched. He said that it was he who had made the report on her phone after his ex-girlfriend began to express suicidal intentions after they had an argument. Ja Mezz said the police came and stabilised the situation, but that was the reason for the report on her phone.

[1] from chatroom [2] translation by @dropthekhhtea 

Furthermore, Ja Mezz stated that he was unaware of the photo of him kneeling having been taken. He explained that it was supposed to be a playful gesture as they were arguing and he wanted to quell her anger due to his parents also being in the house.

[1] from chatroom [2] translation by @dropthekhhtea 

In his final point, the rapper admitted to having previously consumed marijuana and LSD in the past, however, he denied his ex-girlfriend having ever witnessed him use either substance. For this he has said he will accept any legal repercussions, but did also say that he has since changed his ways. Ja Mezz stated that his intention in responding to the situation was not to prove innocence, as he accepted that he was largely at fault and was responsible for the situation.

After his post received much online attention, his ex-girlfriend came forward again. She wrote that the spreading of the news made her very fearful and she had wondered if she had done the right thing, however, in her last statement before going to the police she revealed that she did not think Ja Mezz had been fully truthful. She said she felt insulted from his post as he trivialised what happened, and she also stated that his drug consumption and tendency for violence were habitual.

translation by @dropthekhhtea 

Throughout her statement the user detailed multiple times where Ja Mezz had grown angry and violent at her, and she accused him of leaving her alone at night on the streets or in restaurants or in the car which she found traumatic and disappointing. The ex-girlfriend said when she made her first police report for assault, they separated her and took photos of her wounds. She stated that the next day, Ja Mezz showed up at her workplace and promised to quit drinking, smoking and drugs, and that it was with these promises that she made an application of express intention to drop penalties. However, she said that this became problematic as when he grew violent later on in the relationship he would try to provoke her by asking her to try and report him to the police.

translation by @dropthekhhtea 

In response to the broken car window, his ex-girlfriend stated she did take his phone, however, unlike Ja Mezz's version of events, she said that it was to delete photos that he would not delete when he was asked to. She went on to describe how in this situation he became emotionally abusive by pretending to drink insecticide and repeatedly asking her to die with him. Due to her car being damaged, she had to take a taxi home. The user stated that this incident particularly affected her life, and that she grew suicidal.

translation by @dropthekhhtea 

Following on from this, the user went on to explain the rooftop incident in which the police report was made. She expressed upset especially at Ja Mezz's response to this claim as in his post on Instagram he stated that she was "threatening" him with ending her life, when it was in fact her true intention. Retelling the events from her perspective, she claimed that during this volatile situation Ja Mezz had continually said provoking and disturbing comments, and that when the police came he made a remark which made him seem disappointed that she had not jumped from the rooftop.

TW: suicidal intentions, suicidal behaviour

translation by @dropthekhhtea 

She also stated that despite his promise to quit drugs, Ja Mezz continued to use them, as she heard from a friend who uses the same studio as him. His ex-girlfriend said that Ja Mezz saw drugs as a way of controlling his anger, and therefore he was using them to maintain his relationships. Due to his violence, she claims she gave up trying to stop him. She also said that towards the end of their relationship he began to suspect she was seeing someone else, and that he became paranoid. She suspects that this may have been due to drug withdrawal symptoms.

Ja Mezz's ex-girlfriend stated her intention to sue him, however, she also implored him to focus on himself, to get therapy, and to stop "ruining [her] life".

The rest of her statement is below.

translation by @dropthekhhtea 

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