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In January, it was rumoured that Jay Park would be setting up a new agency. This has now been confirmed, and more information has been released.

At the beginning of 2022, Jay Park stepped down as CEO of both AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC. While most thought he would focus on launching his soju brand 'Won Soju', it was soon after rumoured that he would be setting up a new label.

It has now been revealed that he will be launching the company 'More Vison'. In a YouTube interview with the rapper, he answered the question "What values have you considered the most important?". He said that he has been expressing himself through the things that he loves such as hip-hop, R&B, dance and rap. He also emphasised that he enjoys doing things that make him happy but that he likes it best when he can share this with others.

When asked about how he would be moving forward, Jay Park said he will continue to try and stay outside of the box that people have been trying to put him in. The company's motto highlights his values of "More Love, More Laughter, More Vision.".

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