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After dissing the former DPR member Scott (DPR REM) in his new album ‘Giggles’, Dabin files a legal complaint against him.

Dabin and Scott (Source: MINDSET)

On January 30th, CTYL, the company founded by Dabin, also known as DPR LIVE, issued a statement on its social media accounts, disclosing that Dabin has formally registered a complaint with the assistance of the law firm Kim & Chang. The former CEO Kim Scott Yunho, DPR REM, who the objections are aimed at, is receiving allegations like ‘unfair profit distribution’, ‘non-payment and withholding of statement data’, and non-payment of appearance fees and statement data for the world tour’. 

In the notice, the company and artist representatives acknowledge the significance of the situation and assure that they are intently seeking to defend their artist’s rights. They expect that the lawsuit will uncover the truth, and they are dedicated to preventing such incidents in the future with careful measures. 

You can read the full statement here:

Between 2017 and 2022, Dabin earned around 4 million dollars, yet he is said to have gotten only 8% of his profits, or about 320k dollars. CTYL voiced worry, considering this abnormal considering Dabin's long list of achievements, which include a globe tour, appearances at Coachella and other festivals, and his role as a songwriter.

Shortly after the notice was published, Regime International, also referred to as Regime, made a statement regarding the situation. They express that in October 2017, Regime signed an exclusive management contract with Dream Perfect Regime Inc., and until September 2022, transparent monthly revenue distribution, led by CEO Kim Scott Yunho, occurred. Regime discloses that the company’s revenue distribution ratio is less than half of the artist’s share. The process of Scott distributing settlement funds from Regime to other members was privately discussed among the members, with Regime disclaiming knowledge or involvement. Additionally, concerning the 2022 World Tour, Regime asserts a transparent settlement with Dabin and states that they provided relevant documents multiple times at CTYL’s request. The company believes that judicial authorities will reveal evidence supporting their position. 

Scott officially stepped down from his managerial role at DPR on January 12th, 2023. At the time, he attributed his departure to mental health struggles and expressed his intention to prioritise his artistic endeavours. The fans harboured suspicions about the true reason behind Scott’s departure, due to subtle hints, especially from Dabin, and the noticeable absence of any credits from Scott within the DPR crew. On January 23, Dabin released his new album Giggles and openly dissed the former member in his tracks. During the album release party, a recording capturing Dabin saying "F*ck REM" surfaced on social media, confirming all the speculations. This resulted in Scott posting a Notes app apology.  

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