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pH-1 is receiving criticism for including Owen, a controversial rapper and a friend, in a recent track remix.

pH-1 and Owen

On December 21st, 2023, pH-1 released a remix of the song “ROSETTA” featuring rappers lobonabeat!, Owen and BIG Naughty. Owen’s inclusion in the song was met with disapproval from many fans because of his past controversies. 

Former MKIT Rain member has a history of inappropriate comments towards women and racist remarks. During a livestream in 2017, allegedly while under the influence, Owen made a rape joke. In another video, he can be heard discussing explicit pictures and underaged girls. Owen faced backlash in 2020, after he said he does not care about the Black Lives Matter movement. In the Instagram live he said:

“Why do I need to acknowledge the struggles of Black people? Why do I have to? I know what the campaign is. I don’t give a f**k man. I’m still making money”

Additionally, in 2021, he made sexual comments about Ryunji, a member of Kpop group ITZY. 

Shortly after the song’s release, pH-1 posted a statement on his Twitter account where he recognised the audience’s criticism. The rapper apologised for disappointing his fans and emphasised his disapproval of Owen’s words and actions. However, he did not “cancel” his friend because Owen regrets his mistakes and pH-1 “wanted to give him a chance to prove it”. 

Read the full statement here:

The criticism his friend pH-1 received prompted Owen to break his silence, and he posted an apology on his Instagram account. He admitted that it is long overdue, acknowledged his racist and sexist remarks, then stated:

“I am truly sorry for everything. I hope I can prove myself by becoming a better person. Thank you.”

Here is the full apology:

The Instagram post now has been deleted.


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